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Mathematics Symposium 2018

Maths Symposium
Mathematics Symposium 2018 
October 10th 2018
Somerset Crescent School 
9am - 3pm
Audience - Teachers - Year 0 - 10
Massey University and the Manawatu Mathematics Teachers' Association 
are proud to bring you our mathematics symposium 2018

In addition to our keynote speaker, Dr Catherine Attard, we have mathematics experts and everyday mathematics teachers sharing good practice with the aim of raising student and teacher engagement in mathematics.  

Please distribute this widely.  If you know of people doing great things in mathematics education, please shoulder tap them and encourage them to share their expertise with us.

More information can be found on our flyer and the MMTA website -

To register your interest in presenting:

To register you interest in attending:

To register to attend (limited to first 120 attendees)

For more information about our keynote - Dr Catherine Attard

We look forward to seeing you there
Selina O'Leary

MMTA President

Networks of Expertise

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The New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers
Networks of Expertise

The central portal for information on mathematics teachers helping mathematics teachers both nationally and regionally.


Part Time Position - Networks of Expertise

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Part time position available for someone to work for NZAMT:
Networks of Expertise Kaiārahi

What are Networks of Expertise?
Networks of Expertise seek to grow and develop existing and new curriculum, teaching and learning networks. The support will meet the specific needs of teachers.

NZAMT is working with the Ministry of Education to offer PLD to all teachers of mathematics and statistics, from Yr 1 - 13 across all regions of New Zealand.

We need someone to coordinate and create these PLD opportunities both nationally and working in conjunction with regional mathematical associations.
This is a paid position and it is envisioned that it will be for a period of two years (with a possible extension beyond this).

For more information of NZAMT's involvement in Networks of Expertise, visit the website:

If you are interested in applying, then click on the link below to read all the information, submit a cover letter with your CV:

Please share this information with anybody who you think would be interested and able to apply for this job.

Maths Week 2018

Mathsweek Banner 2018

Maths Week 2018 is coming this year!           

It starts on Monday August 13th and finishes Friday August 17th.

For Year 1 through to Year 11 students

297,258 students from more than 2000 schools and 4882 teachers were registered last year!

Maths Week uses topics of interest and relevant to your student’s lives


Mathsweek rego

Register now go to

All teachers who register will get a copy of the

answers and helpful notes for themselves before Maths Week

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This year the Challenge topics include:                                                   

Survivor Series class teaching tasks

The Golden Ratio

The latest (2018) largest Prime Number

Artificial intelligence and Smart phones

The L.O.P. code

Reading Timetables

Noughts and Crosses

Mathsweek number

Maths Millionaire  --  Completely interactive games at four Levels

Junior-Junior for Year 1 to Year 4 pupils

Junior for Year 5 to Year 8 students

Senior for Year 8 to Year 11 students

Family for all family members to enjoy at home

The Maths Chase

The very popular Chase Game from T.V. adapted for the Maths Classroom

Two levels Junior and Senior. New each day!

The Indices Cycle Race!

A great way of introducing and revising index problems with classes

Students like it!

Daily Dollar questions

Latest Maths movies

Maths stamps

Fraction problem from Coronation Street

Famous mathematicians

Prime problems


Telephone codes

Maths Week Super Challenge!

This was new last year and is a real challenge for the best of the best!

 Mathsweek dogs


The popular Games Section has been updated and improved

The Challenges and Games are interactive and contain much useful mathematics for students


Mathsweek rego

Register now go to

All teachers who register will get a copy of the

answers and helpful notes for themselves before Maths Week

Mathsweek dog2

Teachers need to register themselves and their students early!

Maths Week is free for all New Zealand schools.

It is part sponsored by:

The New Zealand Ministry of Education, Casio Calculators,
and the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers