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NZQA exemplars for 91028

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Following from the recent L1 Mathematics MCAT assessment, for which NZAMT provided resources and teacher workshops for over 1000 teachers, teachers should note that one further aspect of the workshops was about NZQA’s signalled changes to questions in 91028 Investigate relationships between tables, equations and graphs.

The changes to 91028 involve: 
• Answer space provided in the form of a grid – which can be used for whatever purpose the candidate chooses – draw a graph, construct a table, write an equation or write any response. 
• Students are required to choose whether to draw a graph, construct a table or write an equation
• A range of possible representations (table, equation, graph) can lead to the solution of the problem

Teachers should familiarise students with the expected question changes.
Exemplar questions for this are available on the NZQA subject resources page:…/2017-Resources-for-91027-MCAT-and…

Link to 2017 L1 Mathematics Assessment Specifications:…/assessment-specif…/mathematics-l1/


The examples included on the web site are NOT entire papers. 
• While the working space for some parts of questions may be in the form of a grid the candidate must answer the question that is asked. This will often be in the form of an equation or a statement. Although there may not be a line on the working space the candidate is expected to still write their response on this page.

• The end of year assessment task will include some parts of questions that are similar to last year. i.e If the way in which a candidate responds to a question is likely to be by the construction of tables (the choice is the candidates) then they may be asked to draw the graph of a parabola or to give the equation of a parabola. Note that the graph must relate to level 6 of the curriculum and is therefore more likely to relate to quadratic equations / parabolas or relate to an exponential equation.