Membership 2019

School Registration includes individual resources

To gain access to these resources you must be a member with NZAMT.

School (website assessment access) Membership fees for the year ending December 2019

School size
# of  students 
 500 or less $170
 501 to 1000 $200
 1001 to 1500 $230
1501 to 2000 $260
2001 or more $290


Access to all NCEA assessments from NZAMT .

This fee gives schools/providers access to all secure NZAMT Assessment tasks


Provides all mathematics teachers in your school with individual membership of NZAMT. 

*Please be aware that some assessment tasks will be released later in the year (particularly practice external assessments) to maintain the security of the tasks for schools. 

To register for school or individual membership click here.