Casio Victoria University Senior Maths Competition

Below are the 2009 - 2015 Prelim papers and solutions for the Casio Victoria University Senior Mathematics Competition (formally known as the Eton Senior Mathematics Competition). Please note there is no 2011 paper.

2009 Prelim Paper                          2009 Prelim Solutions

2010 Prelim Paper                          2010 Prelim Solutions

2012 Prelim Paper                          2012 Prelim Solutions

2013 Prelim Paper                          2013 Prelim Solutions

2014 Prelim Paper                          2014 Prelim Solutions

2015 Prelim Paper                          2015 Prelim Solutions

NZAMT Development Band Resources

Using the NZAMT Development Band Resources

What is the Development Band?

“The intention of the development band is to encourage teachers to offer broader, richer and more challenging mathematical experiences. Work from the development band should allow better students to investigate whole new topics which would not otherwise be studied and work at a higher conceptual level. Talented students should have their interest in mathematical ideas further stimulated and their understanding of the nature of mathematics deepened.”

Examples of these resources can be found here


MINZC (1992) Page 19

Guidelines and examples of suitable material are contained in the booklet, Development Band Mathematics (1996), Ministry of Education, which was sent to all schools in 1997. There should be sufficient copies in each school for every teacher to have their own.

Purpose of NZAMT Resource Material

NZAMT has created resource books of modules of work to facilitate the delivery of the development band by teachers in New Zealand schools. The material sits well against general learning programmes that relate to the achievement objective of the National Curriculum Document. In particular where teachers are addressing the individual learning needs of students as identified by such tools as the numeracy project these resources can be particularly valuable.

Who is it for?

As a rough guideline, the NZAMT Development Band Certificate Course was originally intended for the top 20% of students. However some students may be ready in some strands but not all, and development band work could be made available to any interested student. Some teachers, whose knowledge of students, at the beginning of each topic may use development band work for those who already have competence in that topic.

Time and Programme Management.

It is expected that each student should spend approximately ten hours on each module, although this will vary between modules and between students. In order to complete the modules and meet the end of year deadline, some careful planning is required.