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2011 Bevan Werry Speaker NAOMI INGRAM

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NAOMI INGRAM 2011 Bevan Werry Winner

After a number of years teaching, Naomi was fortunate to be given the time and resources to stop and think for a while about students’ learning of mathematics. This thinking was in the form of PhD research that explored how students’ relationships with mathematics changed over their mathematical journeys. These relationships included students’ views about mathematics, their perceptions of their mathematical ability, their expectations, feelings, and the ways they engaged in the subject.

Naomi has already presented this research to a number of international academic audiences and received feedback. However, as a mathematics teacher herself, her thesis was written for teachers, and therefore she is honoured to be the Bevan Werry speaker for 2011-2012. At the NZAMT12 conference, Naomi presented her research and the thoughts she had about the experience. The plenary presentation centred on the findings of the research and the implications of these findings. The workshop was a combination of group discussion and activities related to the recommendations generated by the research.

As part of the role of being the Bevan Werry speaker, Naomi is available to work with mathematics associations, mathematics education departments, teachers, and students after the conference. This could be tailored to suit different audiences. While her research is particularly relevant for secondary teachers, it could be easily applied in the primary area as it explores the transition and differences between primary and secondary mathematics and reflects on the importance of early experiences of mathematics on the students’ feelings and engagement in the subject. Many teachers of mathematics in New Zealand at both the secondary and primary level do not have a mathematical or a mathematics education background, and they would find the workshops particularly helpful. The research could also be easily transformed into a one or two-hour workshop for secondary school mathematics students.

Naomi will be available to conduct workshops until August 24, 2011. After this time, materials can be downloaded from the NZAMT website. This material will be added to throughout the next two years, and will include:

  • NZAMT12 conference plenary and workshop
  • Video presentations on requested aspects of her work
  • Links to published conference papers, book chapters, and journal articles.
  • Handouts for teachers
  • Handouts for students
  • List of references used in research.
  • Other requests considered.

After August 2011, Naomi may be available for a further cluster of workshops and presentations. Please contact her directly:

College of Education, University of Otago

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.